Sunday, 12 August 2007

Want to be a mystery shopper? (with burn update)

Pizza Hut and other companies such as KFC, McDonalds, Spar, Post Office, Carphone Warehouse, Shell and Ladbrokes all use a company called Gapbuster.

You can sign up for free and if accepted you can search for mystery shopping opportunities local to you. You basically get to eat for free and have to submit a report online.

Burn Update:
It has now almost completely healed, just the skin is slightly more pink, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Hooray!


James UK said...

Hi Honey! How did it go?


Sorry, I meant Hi, how did the Honey go?

Seriously, did it have any noticeable effect?

I was looking over the Yum! website recently, and noticed one of their other brands is "Long John Silver's" resturants. Kind of like McDonald's, but exclusively water-based edibles. (I would have put "fish-based", but are Prawns, or "reconsituted marine particulates" as their small print lists for that matter, actually "fish"? ;-))

There's one or two in Los Angeles, where I'm off to soon, so I might call in, time permitting, and I'll be sure to let you know what the experience is like.

Al said...

We failed everything on our last mystery shopper test. The area management allow a bit more leeway what with the refit (fewer checkouts, everything moved, crap everywhere) but I think failing everything is pushing it.

Pizza Hut Team Member said...

James, I tried the honey once but it didn't persist with it because the pain stopped. I went to the pharmacy and I was advised against any sort of plaster as well, so basically - it just healed!

James UK said...

Ah, nice one anyway.

I've read two schools of thought for that... one says using a plaster creates a good enviroment for healing, and the other is the "let the air get to it" camp, like my Mother, so who knows what's best?!? ;-)

contest gurl said...

mystery shopping is a scam. Seriously, the marketing companies that hire pay peanuts and when you do the math, you may as well just buy the product. Thus saving yourself the 2 hours to fill out the forms.

Anonymous said...

Gap busters does NOT handle those clients.

sandwich sam said...

i like pizza hut.
and i like kfc.

Kat @ Jobs as a Mystery Shopper said...

The sharing of your job experience will prove valuable to many. Hope the arm has healed!

Mystery Shopping said...

I've been a mystery shopper now for just over 3 years and I have to say that it's been quite enjoyable. At the beginning there were a few jobs that weren't particularly great and the pay was quite low but I guess that's the same with any job. Now, with the relevant experience I get to choose some of the more high paid jobs and can pick some of the more interesting ones like the occasional posh store.

Mac said...

A Mystery Shopper goes into establishments and poses as a regular customer. While there they may make a purchase, ask questions or make a return. After the visit the mystery shopper completes an evaluation report that summarizes their interaction during their visit. Mystery Shopping is used so companies can find out how their employees interact with customers.

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Annie Johnson said...

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